Ludgate Bloom is a design and build carpentry company based in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK, specialising in joyful, small, wooden buildings, that treat the planet with as much respect as humanly possible, and that last a lifetime.

Sam Bloom is the creative lead, he is a spatial designer and carpenter.
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Why cabins + Saunas?

The primal, and healing effect of nature is in our DNA.
We believe that re-connecting with yourself, and your bio rhythms is most powerful when you live, sleep and relax close to the natural world and our buildings are designed to help you reconnect with nature.


Highly considered interiors are more important for small spaces than their larger counterparts. Ergonomics and storage are as critical as aesthetics and longevity, and we carry those beliefs through the design and build process.
With small buildings every single square inch should be considered, and psychological space is more pressing; by creating illusions for the eye, one can increase the feeling of space without extending the footprint.

Even small buildings should surprise and delight and we incorporate a sense of theatre and discovery in all of our buildings.


Wood is a unique building material, for its many qualities. How it looks, how it ages, how it is to work with, how it smells, how it reverberates sound and heat, and its sustainability as a building material. There are drawbacks with regards the issues of monocultures created by timber production, and the emissions that come with transporting it, but timber is essentially a carbon neutral material. If responsibly grown timber is used and maintained before it can decay, it locks up carbon that would have otherwise been released in its natural breakdown. Therefore a wooden building acts as a carbon sink and by designing buildings to an extremely high level of detail, we can help ensure better longevity.


Wherever possible, we recycle materials, objects and fittings to use in the buildings.
There’s a richness of quality and style that the ubiquitous modern can lack, and with the added joy of restoration. When considered aesthetically and used sympathetically, old objects seem to retain an energetic resonance that can transfer into the rest of the building.
We never use them just for the sake of it, always because it compliments the building, and is better for the environment.

We are a small team and we carry out the entire design, build and installation  process. This means we  can ensure that the issues of material responsibility, and waste processing, remain of paramount importance.

Click here to read an interview with Sam about his design philosophy and work


We constantly educate ourselves to the current thinking regards building performance, insulation techniques, energy technology, and material responsibility so that our buildings represent the most up to date understanding of these elements, whilst maintaining a healthy balance with the natural world and what I believe is important to human health. We try to always choose the natural, and environmentally friendly material option, or process within our buildings.

Why default to filling the ground with concrete when there are less intrusive ways to foot a building? It’s about reframing the need and the response, so the interior and exterior work in harmony.

As a society we have the space, knowledge, and materials to create modular buildings and auxiliary services that can grow and shrink with the inhabitants requirements, but that don't interfere with or pollute the land, or damage the environment so acutely. As a result we would love to see a shift in the planning laws that would allow people more autonomy and choice to live rurally and holistically with nature.

By creating beautiful and thoughtful off-grid buildings and services, We would like to think we may help alter the slightly archaic planning mentality that we have in the UK.

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