001 | CABIN




March 2017


001 is the first of its style.

It's a mobile trailer cabin that lives on the land where its timber was grown and milled.

Inhabiting a remote corner of Cornwall, this off-grid holiday cabin has a tiny charm that seems to have captured the hearts of its many returning visitors. Nestled in the corner of a field, backed by a forest of deciduous native woodland, including some of the very few Ilex oak trees that we have in the UK, it is a truly relaxing place to find yourself.

We designed the cabin from the inside out, the interior space being of utmost importance, the exterior being whatever the interior created. By using an asymmetric section where one side wall gently slopes away from the floor to the eaves, we increased the feeling of space at head height so that the cabin feels much roomier than its tiny footprint would normally create.

The trailer came via eBay, it had been used as a low-loader for a bizarre circus vehicle, some of the windows came from an architectural reclamation yard and some came straight out of a skip in Breage.

The building is beautifully ramshackle. It was created during a freezing winter, in a barn with no machinery or even a workbench. The client, a friend called Josh, milled the timber that his dad had grown. Being a beginner to milling, very little of the timber came out in the attempted widths or thicknesses, which when conjoined with the exposed waney edge timbers creates a textural quality and naturally ramshackle feeling that makes this cabin very individual.

Josh mentioned recently that some repeat visitors actually got engaged in the cabin last year. How excellent.

You can stay in the cabin via air bnb. Search for Dragon Cabin, Lizard, Cornwall.

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